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Эссе по английскому на тему education

Рассказ "О важности образования" на английском.

Education plays an important role in human life. Currently without a diploma impossible to find well- paid jobs.
Vladimir state University is on of the well-known universities. It is famous for its highly qualified teachers, excellent faculties, modern and well-equipped buildings. Graduates of the University can work as engineers, technologist and designers at industrial enterprises, research institutes throughout the country.
Scientific-technical progress is not possible without extensive exchange of information between countries. In the Vladimir state University study not only residents  and the region, but also people from other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as more than 300 foreign citizens. Specialists trained our University can work and abroad.
The University is divided into 8 faculties : the Mechanical Technological Faculty, the Faculty of Humanities, Chemistry and Ecology Faculty, a Faculty of Economics, Architecture and Building Faculty, Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics and Medical Engineering, Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics and Automotive Transport Faculty.
I am a first-year student of the Architecture and Building Faculty of the Vladimir state University. In my group 20 people. Each academic group usually consists of 20-25 students.
According to the curriculum we are study both general educational and specialised subject. 
For those who combine work and study, the University has part-time evening and correspondence departments.
I study at the correspondence department. On the University website at any time I can study the subjects in my course, do the control work, to pass the tests. It is very convenient.
Soon will come the time of the session. All students will take exams.

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